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openPMA-ng and Generation 4/5/6/7/... ;-) Archos Devices Hacking Wiki


This is possible using an 1.7.13 bootloader and some magic. We're working on making some things possible for the general public. (We'll never provide access to paid plugins. Don't even ask!)

An exploit (using the "Go Fighting Tabby" technique) has been found and published here. It works against firmware versions below 1.8.03 of both the generation 4 (604wifi) and the generation 5 (605wifi, 705wifi.) It effectively allows arbitary shell command execution as root.

A word of warning. If you mess up your bootloader or other things in your flash then the device in at least 95% of the cases will be a brick, and there is no such thing as "de-bricking". A brick is a brick is a brick. We suggest you hold your horses until we have a safe way engineered.

Overall Progress

Details about the exploit

Affected firmwares

Notes about Opera and the exploit

Further Instructions

How-TO:Reveal Hidden Partition


How-TO:GFT Mount / via SMB

How-TO: Install Qtopia


Share Your Knowledge!

Suggestions for a Planned OS Structure

Info on TI's DaVinci Digital Media Chip used by ARCHOS

File Layout of the AVOS Software

Problems with the Kernel

Known Security Issues

Other Possible Exploits

The Released (L)GPL ARCHOS Source files

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